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  • I have indeed worked with Vanessa, and I can truly recommend her as a producer. She was always on time and ready, she could answer any demands, and she knew our needs well in advance, ahead of schedule. And she is such a kind and fun person to be around! To answer your question simply, YES, Vanessa is great to work with!

    Bruno Blanchet
    Host, Mr. Bruno's Holiday

  • If you’re looking for an excellent producer-fixer: call Vanessa! It was a true pleasure working with her, there was nothing she couldn’t fix! She knows what she’s doing (the sky is the limit), she’s very efficient & experienced, but also a very friendly person. Long days, short nights, Vanessa is a hard worker and she does it with a smile at all times!

    Esther Veurink for Ellie on Patrol
    Director, Ellie on Patrol

  • I've worked with Vanessa on two different shoots. Both went perfect, as Vanessa is probably one of the best in the bizz when it comes to navigating through the forest of red tape necessary to shoot anywhere on the Philippines. The last shoot I did with her was for the Dutch production "Ellie on Patrol", in which we joined several police units during the week. This required a lot of paperwork and being on top of your game all the time. As working with an organisation like the... Read more

    Bart Bakker for Ellie on Patrol
    Producer , Ellie on Patrol

  • There's no shortage of producer-fixers to choose from in the Philippines. But only a few have the "gung-ho-ness" and out-of-the-box thinking to get that desired shot. Vanessa was vital in helping me with a demanding project that took us to mountainous boonies that required hours-long uphill hikes and no ideal production infrastructure in place. And everything was A+ results.

    Kelvin Mak
    Executive Producer, Moonji Production


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Call me Banuk.

I’m a versatile video producer who has been delivering compelling work since 2012. I have traveled far and wide alongside multi-cultured crews and have shared many once-in-a-lifetime moments of adventures. I believe that filmmaking is a transcendent craft. The camera not only captures, but ultimately reframes reality.

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